Hyper Converged Solution
Hyper Converged Solution

Founded in 2009, Nutanix is the first company to offer a radically simple compute and storage infrastructure for implementing enterprise-class virtualization without complex and expensive network storage (SAN or NAS). Founded by a team that has built scalable systems like Google File System and enterprise-class systems like Oracle Database/Exadata in the past, Nutanix is based in San Jose and is backed by Lightspeed Venture Partners and Blumberg Capital.

The Nutanix Mission
Nutanix enables you to virtualize your datacenter without requiring a SAN. Our mission is to make virtualization simple by eliminating the need for network storage while still delivering the enterprise-class performance, scalability and data management features you need. Nutanix Complete Cluster’s converged compute and storage architecture delivers a purpose-built building block for virtualization. It is a hardware and software solution that provides complete server and storage capabilities that you need to run virtual machines and store their data. This building block approach allows you to start with what you need now and add additional blocks as your needs grow to scale-out a single system. Less time and money spent on network storage means faster ROI for your virtualization initiatives and better use of your IT resources.

Radically Simplified IT and Dramatically Lower TCO
Compute + Storage Together: Out-of-the-box capabilities get you up and running in 30 minutes. Scaling out is equally easy. 40-60%
CAPEX Reduction: Elimination of expensive network storage results in immediate 40-60% reduction in CAPEX, while providing highly advanced shared-storage capabilities.
Top-Down VM Management: Clear visibility across compute and storage resources streamlines management tasks for administrative efficiency.
Reduced Datacenter Footprint: Shrinking to a smaller, more efficient converged architecture for server and storage translates to measurable OPEX reduction in administration, power and cooling costs.

Enterprise-Class Data Management
Capacity Optimization:
Zero-overhead cloning and thin provisioning provide 10x-50x data reduction.
Converged Backups: Instant backup and recovery of VM data on the cluster eliminates the need for external backup appliances.
Performance and Scalability: Local solid-state drives (with data tiering to hard disks) provide high performance at low cost; scale-out architecture enables grow-as-you-go virtualization.
High Availability and Disaster Recovery: Highly fault tolerant architecture ensures VM availability in case of local failures or site-wide disaster.

Nutanix Datacenter Virtualization
Whether you’re looking to virtualize your server workloads in your core datacenter or moving beyond HQ to virtualize regional/branch offices, Nutanix Complete Cluster delivers a radically simple solution that’s quick to deploy, easy to manage and delivers significantly better price/performance than alternatives.
As your needs grow, Nutanix’s innovative scale-out capabilities protect your investment by enabling grow-as-you-go expansion of your deployment.

Nutanix Disaster Recovery
Have you been stalling on your disaster recovery project due to lack of time or budget? Nutanix Complete Cluster offers a radically simple all-in-one virtualized datacenter solution at your remote site to complement your existing primary site’s traditional server and network storage deployment. Data can be replicated from your primary site on to a Nutanix Complete Cluster to provide you with full DR capabilities.

Nutanix Desktop Virtualization (VDI)
Nutanix Complete Cluster delivers a turnkey solution for VDI and provides enough horsepower to run a large number of high-performance virtual desktops in a cost-efficient manner. When you’re searching for a desktop virtualization solution that will impress even your most stubborn end users, you can depend on the Nutanix Complete Cluster to deliver the performance you need at a price that will make your ROI justification to the CFO a breeze.

Nutanix Testing and Development
Nutanix Complete Cluster enables organizations to build private clouds for their testing and development teams in a cost-effective manner while meeting their performance needs. Nutanix Complete Cluster makes provisioning of new test and development VMs a snap and drastically reduces the cost of infrastructure.